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WTF is a Water Pipe?

WTF is a Water Pipe?

A bong, or water pipe, is an herb smoking device that passes the smoke you inhale through a chamber of water before it enters your lungs.  The purpose of using a bong to smoke your herb is to drastically cool down your hits, as well as filtering out carcinogens and other harmful matter.  The result is a far less harsh and more satisfying hit.  A bong also allows you to produce bigger, more concentrated hits, or “rips.”  Most bongs are either made of glass, acrylic, or wood.  Typically speaking, bongs are way more efficient than joints or blunts, and healthier for you too. 

Parts of a bong:

  • Joint Size: There are only 2 main joint sizes.  14.4mm and 18.8mm.  Look out for a few variations of these numbers rounded up or down.
  • Slide: A slide is the bowl piece to your bong.  You pack your herb in it before you smoke, and you insert it into the down stem as necessary.
  • Down Stem: The part of your bong that passes the smoke through the chamber of water.  It’s what you put your slide into when you’re about to take a hit.
  • Diffused Down Stem: A down stem that diffuses the smoke much better than a regular down stem.  It breaks up the smoke into smaller bubbles when the smoke enters the water, providing you with a much cooler hit.
  • Ash Catcher/ Pre-Cooler: A bong accessory that catches the ash you pull through your slide as you hit your bong.  There are both “wet” and “dry” types of ash catchers.  The dry ash catcher requires no water and it keeps ash out of your bong, keeping it and the water cleaner for longer.  A pre-cooler or wet ash catcher adds another chamber of water to your bong, cooling and filtering the smoke, as well as catching the ash.
  • Percolator:  Also known as a “perc” is an additional water chamber found in the main shaft of the bong tube. The purpose of a percolator is to force the smoke through another chamber of water which will provide the user with an even cooler and more filtered hit.
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