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The Tsunami Water Pipe

The Tsunami Water Pipe


The Tsunami Water Pipe is designed to make the smoke rise and swirl, like a wave at the bottom of the ocean, rising above the surface. Fine holes are made in the Tsunami along its surface, creating jets of air which filter out tar particles. The smoke rising in this cyclone like fashion causes the tar particles to be pushed against the inner wall by centrifugal force, where they are collected through the air jets. 

There are 3 sizes of Tsunami Water Pipes, Small, Medium and Large, but all have 6 air jets for a quicker "hit".

The Tsunmai also uses a special diffused downstem that connects to an ash catcher (a small glass filled with water). A bowl is connected to the top of thee ash catcher. When smoking the Tsunami, the ash falls into the ash catcher and is kept there keeping any solid material from entering the main chamber of the Tsunami. This keeps the water clean and provides a reported smoother taste.

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