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Stash Cans

Stash Cans


Everyone has SOMETHING to hide...Come on, you know you do. You probably hid your porn collection under the bed, or in the bottom of your dirty laundry. You probably stuffed condoms into every pillowcase and night stand you could find. Yeah, I thought that was you. Now, that probably worked ok for you back then. You kept mom out of your sticky pages and you were ready and able when she gave the green light! 

Well, I'm guessing that mom probably knew about the porn, and I'm sure that more than one girly left you hanging because your "intentions" were clearly peaking out of the couch cushion! Don't blush, it's not flattering :)

Well, we've brought you a modern solution to the age old delima...Where do I stash my shit? Try one of these sweet stash cans! They're all real bottles and cans that have been cleverly taken apart and made into safe hide aways for your shit! Who's going to look in that old coke can, or in that can of peas? Yeah, no one, cause the other crap in your fridge is probably 3 years old and smells like dog shit! 

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