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Rip a Water Pipe

Rip a Water Pipe

How to Rip a Water Pipe

Make sure your slide (bowl) is packed to the desired capacity. 

  1. Make sure your down stem and packed slide are secure into the bong
  2. Place your mouth against the mouth piece, creating an air tight seal
  3. Idealy you don’t want any air escaping the bong while you are hitting it
  4. With air tight seal still intact, light the herb and start to inhale slowly.
  5. If you aren’t smoking alone, only light a corner of the herb in your slide each time you hit it
  6. Once you see that the herb is lit, remove the flame from the herb and set the lighter down.
  7. The less flame to herb time, the better.
  8. As you continue to inhale slowly, you’ll notice the bong fill up with smoke.
  9. When the desired amount of smoke is in the bong, remove the slide from your down stem and begin inhaling a little harder.  The process is called “clearing the bong”
  10. Some people like to exhale what smoke they have in their lungs before removing the slide to clear the bong.
  11. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE ARE YOU TO EXHALE WHILE YOUR MOUTH IS ON THE BONG!    Hold the hit in.  Remember to carefully place the slide back down into your down stem.
  12. General consensus says 3 seconds is long enough for most, if not all, of the THC in the smoke to be absorbed in your body.
  13. Exhale…AWWW YEEAAHH…
  14. iRepeaten, Por Favor!
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