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Remove the Safety from Your Lighter

Remove the Safety from Your Lighter


Why would you want to take the safety off of a lighter? I've blistered my thumb plenty of times by striking my lighter in the wind, and I've known people with arthritis that couldn't strike a child proof lighter. And, it gives you a WAY smoother light.

Look at the top of your lighter. The safety on a bic lighter is a steel band that wraps around the flint wheel.

The safety band ends under a pair of prongs in the area where your flame comes out. 

Carefylly pry both of these prongs up 90 degrees using a pair of pliers, a screwdriver or anything else you have lying around. Be sure to protect your eyes, as the safety will sometimes pop off with force.

This should have the safety band free and lifting up a little. Grab it with the pliers and pull it back towards the back of the lighter.

Gently wiggle the safety back and out until it comes free from the lighter.

Next, fold the two prongs back down to their original position.

Now, Enjoy!

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