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Ghetto Gram Scale

Ghetto Gram Scale

By Don Juana

Ghetto Gram Scale

It is very important you check that you don’t get skimped.  A digital scale is what you need, but sometimes times are rough and we understand that.  Although digital scales aren’t super expensive, there are common household items you can use to compare your material to get a really good idea about how much you have, for free! 

First thing you need to do is gather up:

  • A ruler
  • A plastic shot glass
  • Some kind of thick writing device, like a highlighter
  • A folded up US dollar bill, or a paper clip (each weighs a gram)
  • Tape the highlighter down on a flat surface.  Lay the ruler on top of the highlighter so it’s perpendicular (like a cross) and balance the ruler with the plastic shot glass on one side.  This is essentially “zeroing” your home made scale.

Once balanced with the plastic shot glass on one side, place your material in the plastic shot glass.  To see how much you have, place a paper clip or folded up dollar bill on the other side.  If it balances out, you can be pretty sure you got yourself a gram.  If it doesn’t, you will know

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