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About Us

About Us

EveryPipe.com is the online market place for the Original Purple Haze Smoke Shops, in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. EveryPipe.com stocks EVERY GLASS PIPE that we carry in our shops and then some! We’re not just some guy behind a computer with a website, we’re smoking enthusiast with retail stores and we know our stuff!  Who cares? You do, because we’re talking to smokers just like you EVERY day, and we’re always working hard to bring you the bongs, glass pipes and smoking accessories that YOU’RE looking for!

At EveryPipe.com, we carry brands like Zob Glass, Illadelph, Roor (the real German Roor, not that fake stuff), PH(x), Zong, Blue Dot, Tsunami, GravLabs, Sheldon Black, and Chameleon Glass. We also stock some crazy AWESOME pieces from GREAT LOCAL Artist. So, if you’re looking for a rocking pipe from one of the well known brands, we’ve got it, and if you’re looking for a ONE OF A KIND pipe, we’ve got that too!

Everypipe.com will ship your order within 48 hours in a plain brown box. Keep in mind, most of our products are one of a kind, so if something happens to be out of stock, we’ll give you a shout by email or phone.

And finally, our products are for tobacco use only. You must be 18 (21 in some areas) or older to purchase any of our smoking accessories.

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