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6 Things Every Smoker Must Have

6 Things Every Smoker Must Have

A stoners list of must have’s:

1)  Grinder

The most traditional way of breaking up your herb is to break apart the nuggets with your fingers into a small pile.  This method gets the job done, but you lose valuable THC that sticks to your fingers in the process. 

A lot of old timers also use small scissors to break down their herb.  The idea is to cut the herb up into a shot glass, that way you don’t lose THC to your fingers and any loose trichomes will easily fall out with the rest of your herb.

Although all these methods are “good enough,” the most efficient way to break down your herb is to use a grinder.  There is a big variety of grinders out there, from cheap plastic to titanium.  A serious indulger would ideally have a metal chambered grinder with a pollen catch.  This basically consists of a chamber to grind your herb in, a chamber for the grinded herb to fall into, and a pollen catch at the bottom that’s separated by a screen in the grinder.  The pollen catch catches all the loose stuff and other loose valuable matter from the herb that would otherwise be lost.  When dealing with stuff, the thing collection in the pollen catch is called, “kief.”

2)  Air Tight Stash Jar

Forget about that plastic sandwich bag and that cellophane off a pack of cigarettes.  The best way to store your herb is in an air tight glass container.  Preferable in a dark and cool place.

When you keep your herb in a plastic bag, a lot of the trichomes from your herb will get stuck to the plastic, instead of your lungs.  Plastic bags could also have tiny holes in them and you could dry your herb out, making the smoke a little less satisfying.    Mason Jars are perfect for storing your herb.  They are cheap, easily obtainable, air tight, and there are many sizes available according to your stash size.

3) Spare Rolling Papers

Whether you smoke joints, blunts, spliffs, bowls, bubblers, bongs or vaporize, it’s always nice to have a spare pack of rolling papers on hand.  Things break and shit happens.  In those rare times, you’ll be glad you at least have a jay you can roll.

4) Digital Scale

This should have been number one on this list.  A good relationship with your dealer starts with respect.  To ensure they respects you, weigh their product on your scale and make sure you aren’t getting screwed over.  Believe me, if you don’t weigh it out, you will eventually get screwed over if you haven’t already.   It’s also nice to keep track of your intake and weigh out specific quantities for edibles.

5) Ozium/ Air Deodorizer

For those times when you get walked in on or get pulled over.  A simple spray to the left, a spray to the right, and you’re golden within seconds.  Ozium is the industry standard and I find it works the best.

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